“Rått men hjärtligt om att förlora sitt ena ben”

- Östra Smålandsnyheterna


“A must see for its wit, wisdom, laugh-aloud moments and, most of all, emotional power. Don’t miss this fine work from the One Legged Man.”

- Fringe Review


“Bergstrand has a lovely singing voice...it’s a story worth hearing.”

- Bouquets and Brickbats


“The major message of the piece is about choosing to go on living and find new things to live for... it leaves us with an affirmation of acceptance and celebration of life.”

- The Sick of the Fringe



“Bergstrand shares with charm, humour and sparkling piano melodies...[his] warm affability complements a fascinating story.”

- Fest Mag


“The One Legged Man Show – stark berättelse om när döden kom och sedan vände... av de mest berörande lunchteaterföreställningar jag har sett ...full av humor och glada tankar.”

- Sundsvalls tidning


“Funny and thoughtful, The One Legged Man Show is inspirational. ”

- Fringe Biscuit